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Fried Gram

Fried Chana Dal is a healthy nutritional snack to munch and includes in your diet for weight loss. Binge on Fried Channa Dal for its high-calorie content that keeps you feeling satisfied and fuller for a longer time. This delicious dal is also used in breakfast, lunch recipes and snack combinations. It is known to stabilize the blood pressure and maintain the sugar levels in the body. Fried Channa Dal boosts the body’s immunity and strengthens the bones. It is easier on the intestines without causing congestion and strain during the passage of stool.

Nutrient Values of Fried Gram

Ayurvedic experts and nutritionists recommend fried Chana Dal for its super-rich fibre content and anticarcinogenic properties that prevent the growth of tumors, lumps, and cancer cells. Apart from this, it is also abundant in zinc, folate, calcium, and polyunsaturated fat. This ingredient is loved for its delicious taste and energy generated. Fried chana dal is an excellent source of plant proteins that prevents early wear and tear of the skin and body cells.

Fried Channa Dal/ Roasted gram /Hurigadle is low in cholesterol, rich in fibre, zinc, calcium, and protein. It’s added to recipes to get good consistency and taste.

Roasted gram dal is used to make Spicy chutney, Tasty Chutney Powder, and loads of snacks.

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