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Kabuli Channa is also Natively known as chickpeas. This variety is consumed for its complex carbohydrates and energy-giving properties. It digests quickly and gets absorbed well by the body enabling you to lead a healthy lifestyle without worries of blood pressure, obesity, and cholesterol. Bingeing on Kabuli Channa does not cause spikes in the glucose levels, and this works well for those suffering from diabetics. Including Kabuli Channa in your daily diet boosts the magnesium levels in your body, helping to reduce insulin resistance.

This fiber-rich food makes you feel fuller, suppressing the need to indulge in overeating or consuming fatty and sugary foodstuffs. The proteins that the Kabuli Channa enriches your body leads to the formation of strong bones, the development of new cells in the skin and body, and improves the red blood and white blood cell counts. A single cup of Kabuli Channa supplies pregnant women with essential folate and Vitamin B9 for the development of the fetus within the womb. Combine the Kabuli Channa with your breakfast cereal for a balanced and nutritional diet. Order Kabuli Channa Online & save more.

Kabuli chana appears as wrinkled hazelnut and is so versatile in its taste and texture depending upon the method of its preparation. It is abundantly rich in protein, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

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