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Masoor Dal is also locally referred to as red lentils. During the centuries, humans have consumed Masoor Dal in a variety of recipes and cuisines around the world. A single bowl of Masoor Dal can complete your nutritional requirement for a meal. The intake of Masoor Dal brings about a positive change in the overall health of the mind and body. It is simple, quick, and easy to prepare. Masoor Dal is delicious when combined with other ingredients and spices, giving the whole dish a tinge of sweetness.

Abundant in protein, iron, and Calcium, it is the go-to food for many health-conscious foodies and vegetarians. Include a sufficient amount of Masoor Dal daily in your diet for maintaining strong teeth and bones and quicker cell repair. Apart from this, it has an abundance of Vitamin A, C and E, helping to restore your eyesight, get rid of cataracts, and prevents muscle and tissue degeneration. If you want a radiating, glowing, spotless, and wrinkle-free skin, Masoor dal is the food to consume.

Masoor dal or pink lentil is good and easy to cook. Dal made from masoor is a comforting Indian meal when served with hot rice, pickle, and Papad. It has a high level of protein, few essential amino acids for body and has nearly no fat but contains iron, potassium and vitamin B in abundance.

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