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Non-Pesticide Organic Products

In traditional agricultural practice, farmers would use various chemicals to protect their crops from weeds, insects, and various diseases. Farmers use chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to control these pests. Consuming chemically produced products is considered to be a slow poison. Consumers suffer from a variety of health issues, including cancer, immune and nervous system effects, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and negative effects on the male reproductive system. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers on crops results in the rejection of export activity, and goods cannot be supplied globally. This type of problem is common in exporting activity; some countries, such as Iran, America, and others, reject the goods, causing farmers to suffer significant losses.

To address these issues, we recommend farmers to practices organic farming, and consumers to use farm fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and groceries to maintain a healthy environment. To grow Chemical free vegetables, chemical free fruits involved some organic manure such as bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, farm yard manure, Vermicomposting, some liquid organic fertilizers. Consuming farm fresh organic vegetables and farm fresh organic fruits involved good health benefits, our bodies naturally detoxify to maintain life and health. Organically grown products also called as natural fruits or vegetables. Nutrients, proteins, vitamins will be more in organically grown farm fresh fruits, farm fresh vegetables and groceries compare to conventional farming.

Oyedesi is a farmer’s brand that encourages farmers to use non-pesticide organic products. Oyedesi has an online grocery shopping app that is currently operating in Bangalore where consumers can find their daily needs and daily fresh fruits, vegetables, and groceries. We procure organically grown farm fresh fruits, vegetables, and groceries from farmers and deliver it directly to consumers’ door step at a relatively low price.