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CEO Statement: DK Jain

What I Cherish most about Oyedesi is the wealth that our projects bring to the community and to our clients.

From the first day of planning the project, we feel connected to the community, connected to the environment in which the project is about to be placed.

We feel that besides the business, we are there for the people that will benefit from the project, both directly and indirectly, starting from our client and its personnel up to the service suppliers and the consumers.

He belongs to Jain Marwari family, with high ethics and moral values, he is dedicated principle bound person, engaged in business of trade and manufacturing at the young age of 16 yrs. With 30 years of diverse industrial knowledge from Textile, Knitting, Garments, Water Treatments, Environmental Engineering manufacturing, Rural Drinking water solutions, Financial Management, E-Commerce, and above all a humble, compassionate, enthusiastic, motivated versatile personality. Always think for youth empowerment through building ecosystem of Entrepreneurship.

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