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Groundnuts are also referred to as peanuts or monkey nuts. They fall under the category of legumes and loved for its crunchy, rich flavor and aroma. You can roast or steam with the pods and even season them in recipes. Groundnuts are a welcome sight in Indian cuisine and enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Groundnuts supply your body with 26 minerals and 13 vitamins. It is low on salt and rich in healthy fats eliminating the risk of developing high blood pressure and cholesterol. Popular in Ayurveda in healing and treatment of a wide range of health conditions. This traditional ingredient holds power to reverse hair loss, triggers the growth of cells and hair follicles.

It is good for your brains, promotes better memory retainment, restores the natural moisture of the skin. Studies have indicated better absorption of calcium into the bones and tones up the muscles providing additional support. The beta-sitosterol in groundnuts acts as a barrier against the growth of tumors, cancers and reduces the risks in both men and women. It’s very easy to do Groundnut Online Purchase with Grocery Factory and money-saving as well as we have wholesale price.

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