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Horse gram is one of the legume varieties that are very strengthening and highly nutritious. It is consumed by diet and health-conscious people. During the olden days it was fed to cattle and horses for its power-packed energy. Being capable of restoring the nutrition store in the body, it provides all the calories needed for the malnourished. Horse gram contains a dense supply of iron, calcium, B-vitamin complex, zinc, folate, molybdenum and minerals. The special astringent properties deep clean the skin cells of toxins eliminates skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, inflammation and leucoderma.

A single serving of horse gram holds the potential to strengthen the body against asthma attacks, hemorrhoids, urinary problems and womanly woes. The natural qualities of horse gram lower the bad cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol. It increases blood supply to the reproductive organs and boosts fertility. The dynamic components in horse gram break down kidney stones and eliminate toxins from the body.

Horse gram belongs to the family of beans and it is used for various cooking purposes. It is a good source of proteins and iron which makes it helpful in reducing blood pressure and fats.

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