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Idli pony rice is a variety that is used in preparing the batter for making idlis. It is the main ingredient used to give you puffy and soft idlis. It is a traditional native rice variety used in South Indian cuisine for its mouth-watering flavor and ability to blend well with spices. This ingredient is also popular in the preparation of snacks, street food, and other delicacies. It is low in calories and abundant in simple carbohydrates that keep you energized and active. The Idli rice enables better fermentation, the breakdown of Complex vitamins and minerals, and enables better absorption into the body.

It helps to regulate the PH balance in the intestine and promote a healthy digestive system. Consumption and digestion are easy and comfortable for people of all age groups, especially the children and elderly. Apart from this, nutritionists and dietitians recommend Idli rice for its richness in proteins, biotin, Folic acid vitamin B, vitamin K, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Idli pony rice is wholesome in nature and full of fibers. They are light and fluffy when cooked to make the idlis look soft and easily digestive. These rice are preferred for preparing idli for their lightness mainly.

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