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Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice is also known as Samba Rice .The grain is much harder than the other varieties and when cooked is less ‘fluffy’ in texture so gives a more filling meal. Its most expensive sub-variety and has the smallest grain.

The jeera rice is commonly referred to as the Jeera Samba. The name is derived from the fact that it looks similar to the cumin seeds. Jeera rice is one of the best foods to indulge in if you are one of those people suffering from cholesterol and high blood pressure. The special molecules and compounds contained in Jeera Rice help your body to develop immunity to fight against diseases. The phytonutrients prevent the growth of cancer cells. It strengthens the intestine, colon and enables easy digestion. It is low in fat and rich in fibre that boosts the good HDL cholesterol levels in your body. The antioxidants eliminate free radicals and play a major role in strengthening the heart, surrounding heart muscles and tissues, blood vessels, white blood, and red blood cell count. This makes it recommended food for those with cardiovascular complications. The Jeera Rice is commonly used in South Indian dishes that include biryanis and other rice dishes.

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