Cashews are nuts that are attached to the fruit, separated, dried, and roasted. These nuts are tasty, crunchy, and adds flavour to your recipes.  In addition to this, it also has medicinal properties and are a storehouse of powerful antioxidants like zeaxanthin. Add whole cashews in your diet to get more of this antioxidant pigment to protect the retina and outer lens of your eyes from strain and exposure to the harmful sun rays. It works to protect against macular degeneration, watery eyes, night blindness, and promote better eye health. As it is abundant in phosphorus, selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and phytochemicals, whole cashews can restore your skin’s elasticity to keep them moisturized and hydrated. It is anti-cancerous and prevents the growth of cancerous cells in the body.  If you’ve decided to lose weight, then whole cashew nuts are the perfect choice to include in your fitness diet as it fills you with the power of omega 3 fatty acids while improving metabolism.

Cashew Whole is white in color and provides a nice bite to the food. It is the rich source of carbohydrate, essential fats and dietary fiber. It is used to enrich the flavor and beauty of any dish.


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