Dry Dates are a powerhouse of iron and energy boosters. They are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Include dry dates as a part of your religious festivities, celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, and as gifts to your loved ones. Regain the health of body and mind with dry dates. It is known to prolong lifespan and is an excellent source of fiber, proteins Vitamin C, calcium, and more. Dry Dates are heart friendly as it is low in fats and cholesterol, helping to control blood pressure and stabilize the potassium levels in your body. As they are antioxidant in nature, it boosts the metabolism rate and helps to reduce weight and fat build-up in no time. It triggers the secretion of digestive juices that absorbs the vitamins and minerals in the food that you eat. Calcium content in dry dates gives you strong teeth and bones, helping to get rid of calcium deficiency ailments.

Dry Dates range from reddish to dark brown in colour and sweetish in taste. It boosts the energy level of our body immediately after its intake and protects our heart from any disease. It provides fiber also which keep our digestion system healthy.


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