Green Peas


Green peas are legumes that have been a vital part of the human diet for centuries. They are formed inside pods and are cooked, steamed, or used as fried forms in recipes. Green peas provide the body with an abundance of complex carbs and are a delicacy combined with potatoes, corn, or consumed as a whole. The impressive nutrition content provides your body with 62 calories per serving. This plant-based ingredient fills you up and suppresses excessive appetites with its high levels of proteins.

Consuming green peas daily strengthens muscles and builds healthy bones. As it is low on the glycemic levels, your blood sugar levels do not rise after eating them. What’s more, they are effective in controlling the blood pressure, thus eliminating the risk of heart diseases. It also cures inflammatory bowel disease, gastric problems, and colon cancer. Sufficient intake of green peas discharges wastes and harmful toxins from the body as stool through the digestive system. A decent serving of green peas during meals can keep your heart healthy and pumping oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.

Green Peas give a delicious taste to food and it can be used in various kinds of recipes. They contain a good amount of Vitamin A, C, and K and have a very low amount of calories.


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