Red boiled round rice is a unique rice variety that is good for your body, skin, and hair. It keeps you slim and fit with its abundance in iron, vitamins, and minerals. This rice variety is known to stimulate a better supply of oxygen to the blood and assists your body in the production of red blood corpuscles or RBC. Containing the nutrients that your body needs, it nourishes and helps to build immunity to fight against disease-causing air and water-borne germs. The antioxidant content in the red boiled round rice helps you to fight against free radicals enabling you to stay young and eliminating the signs of premature aging.

It is a recommended food for diabetic patients as it contains high levels of manganese, vitamins, and minerals like that of phosphorus, fiber, and potassium. A single serving of red boil round rice gives your body extra antioxidants, which is 10 times more when compared to other rice varieties. You can use it to make idlis, dosas, appams, rice dishes, kheer, steamed rice cakes, and more. We have maintained the premium quality, Order Red Boiled Round Rice Online and save more.

Red rice is abundantly rich in fiber that suggests it regulates weight, cleanses the colon from all the toxins, soaks up cholesterol. High fiber content makes rice is digestible slowly and you do not feel hungry readily.


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