Treat inflammation and infection with cinnamon – Cinnamon is a spice and is also considered a superfood loaded with nutrients, medicinal properties, and astounding health benefits. If you are a diabetic patient, consuming cinnamon daily in curries or as part of your meals can improve insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels. Fight the harmful effects of cholesterol with cinnamon as it lowers the LDL or bad cholesterol levels and increases the HDL or good cholesterol levels in your body. It is also effective in breaking down fatty acids and complex molecules in the bloodstream. Its antibacterial properties can help in the combat of acne, skin problems inflammation and redness, rashes, and other skin ailments, giving you clear refreshed and younger-looking skin. Besides this, cinnamon also reduces inflammation and swelling, clumping up of blood platelets, abnormal cell growth, and lowers the risk of disease-causing bacteria and infections. It is also a powerful breath freshener that instantly kills oral bacteria and helps get rid of dental plaque.

Cinnamon is a spice that is basically used in baking and cooking. It has a sugary flavor with a fragrant aroma which can improve your memory and cognitive function. It comes with many health benefits too, for example, it helps in controlling blood sugar.


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