Fenugreek Seeds for skin maladies and healthy hair growth – Fenugreek seeds are not only used in cooking but also serve as a multi healer spice. This ingredient has been widely used in Asian, Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Egyptian, Oriental, Ethiopian, and Mediterranean cuisine for several thousands of years. It is believed that fenugreek seeds were cultivated since 4000 BC. It adds flavor and aroma to recipes, boosts overall health, and is good for your skin. This popular herbal supplement is added to recipes as a whole, dried, or used in powdered form. You can use fenugreek seeds to prepare curries, syrups, pickles, kormas, beverages, candies, ice creams, soaps, and lotions. Consuming fenugreek seeds regularly is effective in treating skin maladies. It is a recommended remedy for boosting milk production in lactating mothers, boost fertility and testosterone levels, and control blood glucose levels. For several thousands of years, fenugreek seeds have been used to enhance libido in both men and women.

Fenugreek seeds are yellow colored, cuboidal shaped condiments which are very strongly flavored seeds obtained from fenugreek plant. They are rich in iron, copper and dietary fiber. They have minerals and vitamins too in abundance.


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