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Scientific Advisor: Dr. M S Basu

With 40 years of rich experience in various business sectors, Suresh Patil is the Mentor Director with Surgefarm Agri Tech Pvt. Ltd., Tirumalessa Enternaciaa Pvt. Ltd. and Ex-secretary to the Speaker in the Legislative Assembly, Madhya Pradesh.

He has also been the ex MD in the non- conventional energy sector. Having been closely associated with many social and educational reforms, he has been a Director with Vasuka Agri and Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd., President and Trustee with ACAD India Trust, Chairman of Geomensure Techno Consultant Pvt. Ltd., Director with Kisna Foods LLP, Adinath Agro Industries LLP and a partner with Shri Tirumalla Builders and Developers and Partner with Earthlinks.

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