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Poha popularly known as rice flakes, beaten or flattened rice, is healthy and a rich source of nutrients. It is an Indian breakfast food ingredient that is also used to prepare snacks and eaten in combination with sweets. Thin and crispy, it is light on the stomach. Poha is recommended for those fighting diabetes and high blood pressure. The probiotic Poha promotes digestion and is a good source of carbohydrates that gives your body the energy it needs to carry on daily activities with zest and vigor. It packs in a nutritious punch loaded with iron, lactose, cholesterol, sodium, antioxidants, proteins, essential vitamins, minerals and is fat-free.

What makes Poha special is the fact that it supplies your body with all the nutrients while keeping the calories count low. Thin Poha can be used to make dishes with a mixture of spices that brings out its unique taste and flavor. Thin Poha gives all your body needs and more.

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