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Career for oyedesi.co

Our aspiration is to provide an employee-friendly environment system that will boost each employee’s productivity.  Which helps the growth of organization as well as the employee’s growth. Though everybody working in diversified designation, irrespective of that we are all adhere to our pledge that working toward a common goal of empowering rural farmers through value-added thought processes and the use of advanced technology. Our team delights to embrace anyone who wishes to join us in exploring their knowledge, skills for the organization’s goals and growth.

Why you should join Oyedesi

Oyedesi comprise different work ethics that are not like regular work patterns, In the organization, a cozy atmosphere was created for employees to work gently, smartly, and effectively rather than working hard. We cherish smooth and effective flow of work that should not lag in any point of the work flow, that’s how we direct our staffs to work in a contrived strategy that would benefit them to work diligently and enhance their knowledge while also gaining experience. Working in this organization provides you with a pleasant feeling and job satisfaction. You feel very proud of yourself when you solve the issues of customers and make them happy.

This is my first job. I feel very happy working at OYEDESI. The culture is very positive and transparent, and everyone is open to new ideas and suggestions. There are lots of opportunities there for professional growth. Best work-life balance, friendly environment, motivational classes, etc. Teams at OYEDESI generally enjoy a lot of autonomy and freedom to choose what they want to work on. I'm really excited about the work. My management team was extremely supportive, and my colleagues were great mentors as well as wonderful friends.

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SOUMYA.M Chief agriculture executive

I feel very happy working at OYEDESI The culture is very positive and transparent and everyone is open to new ideas and suggestions There are lots of opportunities for growth at OYEDESI Teams at OYEDESI generally enjoy a lot of autonomy and freedom to choose what they want to work on.

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PRAVEEN. A Clusters head

I am very proud to be a part of this Oyedesi Family. it's been few days i joined here, in this period i have learnt so many things from oyedesi and team. great opportunity to grow in this organization.

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Suma B Customer care Executive

My journey with Oyedesi family started on Feb 1st 2021. I love what i do here, every day we learn something new. It’s a great thing to be a part of Oyedesi. The best part about being in Oyedesi to me was that I could create a role for myself. I got the opportunity to do things I had never done, perform tasks I had never performed. It indeed provided a platform for me to explore and hone my own skills. None of this would be possible without receiving great support from my management. It’s great to work here. I am a proud OYEDESIAN.

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Navya HR Admin

Oyedesi is Farmer to Consumer initiative launched by oyedesi pvt ltd by giving a technology solution to it. Which deals with farm fresh, directly procure from farmers and supply it to the consumers through online platform. Oyedesi believe in empowering rural women's, youth's towards entrepreneurship. Talking about my experience, I really enjoy working here. I am proud to be a part of oyedesi team. People surrounding me here are very friendly. I am learning many new things which are happening day to day in farming community. Overall I can say working here is a great opportunity.

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Juliana Dsouza Agriculture Advisor

I'm glad to be here at oyedesi as first thing I most prominently likes to be in part of oyedesi , Listening to morning sessions it gives us more knowledge and motivation and it helps to know the mentality and knowledge of everyone with their motivational stories and most attractive thing is celebration, we do celebrations on all specious days includes birth days and festive celebrations.

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Kavya Operation Incharge