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Buy high quality Farm Fresh organic vegetables, fruits, and groceries in online and get express delivery at your door step at comparatively low cost. All are chemical free products that are grown with the help of naturally available manure. Organic products are rich in proteins, nutrients, and vitamins because of it are a non pesticide organic produce, you order your daily needs and we deliver daily fresh at your home. We currently offer our service in across Bangalore.


The farmer community is isolated in terms of growth due to an inappropriate price for their yield, crop loss, and difficulty in obtaining a return on their investment; on the other hand, consumers are not benefiting, and middlemen, Mandi, and others are taking unfair advantage. Oyedesi moto Is to work upon sustainable growth of farmers and consumers. In order to empower rural women, youths, and farmers, encouraging farmers to adopt organic farming, this lends to  growth of  farmers we believe.



The majority of farmers practicing a conventional farming which results in high quantity of yield but a low profit. Because of this chemical farming farmers are facing many problems in fields like loss of soil fertility, ground water pollution, .Etc.and in market also farmers facing many issues like, transportation, middle man problems, storage & less price for commodity. By conventional farming cost of production is more & they will get fewer prices in the market so it leads to unsustainable of the farmer. And by consuming conventionally grown food, consumers  face health issues such as infertility, numerous cancers, etc.

So OYEDESI is helping the farmers in a sustainable way by providing end to end solutions to farmers, direct procurement with farmers so no middle man problem. Farmers can get more profit with less investment. Oyedesi also working in FPO level engagement, by providing the Initial Inputs in Pre-harvest and Post-harvest through capacity building, educating, creating awareness and crop planning. by developing sustainability in supply chain, Creating Socio-Economic model.

Organic farming

Organic farming is a type of farming there does not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or other artificially produced chemicals. Organic farming involves the method of cultivation of farm fresh products such as organic fruits, vegetables and groceries using organic manures and fertilizers such as vermicompost, green manures, green leaf manures, bio fertilizers, and organic pesticides.

Benefits Of Organic Farming

  • Organic farming helps to increase soil health by incorporating green manures in the farm it increases the fertility of the soil by fixing nitrogen in the soil.
  • In organic farming synthetic chemicals are not allowed so it is ecofriendly farming.
  • It is a natural method of farming because farmers can use naturally available resources for cultivation practices.
  • Organic farming is biologically safe method and conserves bio-diversity.

Benefits of Organic food

  • More content of Antioxidants and vitamins are present in organic food compare to conventional food.
  • Organically grown fresh fruits, vegetables and groceries contains highly nutritious and doesn’t cause any harm to human body.
  • Organic food boosts immune system and prevents premature aging .
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%100 Fresh and Organic

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