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Developing sustainable practice to educate farmer and consumer on digital platform, Creating women specific entrepreneurship model to have more focused and responsible supply chain, Creating multi level stake holder, including existing brick & mortar stores. 

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What is Oyedesi.Co?

Oyedesi is Farmer to consumer initiative, launched by Oyedesi Pvt Ltd by giving a technology solution to it. We also believe in empowering women towards entrepreneurship.

The farmer community is isolated in terms of growth due to an inappropriate price for their yield, crop loss, and difficulty in obtaining a return on their investment; on the other hand, consumers are not benefiting, and middlemen, Mandi, and others are taking unfair advantage. Oyedesi moto Is to work upon sustainable growth of farmers and consumers. In order to empower rural women, youths, and farmers, encouraging farmers to adopt organic farming, this lends to  growth of  farmers we believe.


Why to choose

Oyedesi is a farmers brand; we work hard to ensure the prosperity of farmers. We act as a bridge between farmers and consumers, and working closely with farmers to ensure that their yield reaches consumers directly, we do not allow a middleman to be involved. Oyedesi advises farmers to practice organic farming with all the amenities they require. Once harvested, we procure it from the farmers at a fair price and deliver it directly to the consumers. Consumers do not need to go outside to shop for their daily necessities because everything is available on a single platform. The mobile application is user-friendly and well-structured, making it simple for users to find their products. The products available in the oyedesi online organic grocery shopping application are of high quality and authentic.

What is Unique about Oyedesi?

We sell experience not products          

our process begins at 3 am when farmers harvest the yield before sunrise, We procure and distribute it to our customers before 8 am To ensure the freshness of our products and to see the joy on our customers’ faces. We also monitor the entire process to ensure that our customers are not dissatisfied with us.

Brand ambassador fidelity of duty  

We don’t use the word delivery executive, instead, we use brand ambassadors because they represent our Brand and provide a positive customer experience. Our brand’s reputation is dependent on fidelity towards their duties. They are the face our brand

Eco friendly packing  

We love and worship nature, Hence we use an eco-friendly Packing system and recyclable carton boxes. Our packaging is so appealing and presentable If customers return the carton box to us, we will reimburse them.

No order barrier

We will not impose a minimum order billing Requirement on our customers, we will not impose an order barrier, and we will deliver Customer’s orders to their door step happily without any delivery charges In order to serve them satisfied experience.

Farm To Home As Harvested

We do demand based harvesting, that gives us advantage of delivering fresh veggies & fruits as harvested.

Traditionally Process & Packed

Once harvested, we sort & grade all products for quality assurance. We follow all traditional methods for this process and packing.

Free Delivery

Our one of the USP is free delivery. We are offering free delivery for all our customers. Save Money on Delivery Fees-Order More.

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CEO Statement

What I Cherish most about Oyedesi is the wealth that our projects bring to the community and to our clients.

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Founder of Oyedesi

Vijetha maam

Founder of Oyedesi

She is a Co-founder and thought leader behind Oyedesi Mission, strongly support the Women Entrepreneur in Agri-economy.