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Developing sustainable practice to educate farmer and consumer on digital platform, Creating women specific entrepreneurship model to have more focused and responsible supply chain, Creating multi level stake holder, including existing brick & mortar stores.

What is Oyedesi?

Oyedesi is Farmer to consumer initiative, launched by Oyedesi Pvt Ltd by giving a technology solution to it. We also believe in empowering women towards entrepreneneurship.

Why to choose Oyedesi?

We sourced fresh Vegetables and fruits directly from farmers. This allows us to remove all middle men in procurement process and provide maximum benefit to the farmer.

What is Unique about Oyedesi?

Cloud based dynamic User Friendly module for Hyperlocal store/Pushcart/Solo Entrepreneur, Developing village level process centre empowering SHG.

Farm To Home As Harvested

We do demand based harvesting, that gives us advantage of delivering fresh veggies & fruits as harvested.

Traditionally Process & Packed

Once harvested, we sort & grade all products for quality assurance. We follow all traditional methods for this process and packing.

Free Delivery

Our one of the USP is free delivery. We are offering free delivery for all our customers. Save Money on Delivery Fees-Order More.

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CEO Statement

What I Cherish most about Oyedesi is the wealth that our projects bring to the community and to our clients.

Founder of Oyedesi

Founder of Oyedesi

She is a Co-founder and thought leader behind Oyedesi Mission, strongly support the Women Entrepreneur in Agri-economy.