Everyone eats the act of purchasing food will never die but how we purchase food will undoubtedly evolve. The future of shopping will place a greater emphasis on experience and creating more seamless experiences. This does not necessarily imply a cashier less check out process, but rather an experience that customers want to have. The future of grocery is all about providing customers with the options they desire at every stage of their lives. The future of grocery is here, but it is not distributed evenly. Innovation in technology and other ways to make shopping more of an experience, whether in-person or digital, will have an impact on the future of grocery. COVID has accelerated the need for grocers to iron out the kinks in online delivery, but many grocers still have a lot of work to do to prepare for the future. COVID has raised the stakes and Target’s race to be more efficient.

However, many of in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, who are busy in working, still prefer to go to a store, even with delivery options, because online ordering has flaws. Getting a delivery at all during the first two months of COVID was extremely difficult. Grocery stores are primarily about the ease of shopping and the ability of grocers to pivot quickly, which they struggle to do.

Making Food Purchases An Experience

Many products are interchangeable and have devolved into commodities. Customers differentiate between brands based on their experiences, which is especially true in the grocery industry. The grocery store of the future will be much more focused on the experience rather than the products. Customers will choose the store because it provides a convenient or beneficial experience, not because of the products. Instead of simply purchasing food, it will be a place where customers can learn about it and experience it in new ways. 

We can see from COVID-19 that many customers are shifting to grocery pickup and delivery, which will undoubtedly continue and grow for future customers. Express Delivery has the potential to transform the grocery industry, including the possibility of stores stocking food off-site. Restaurants are transitioning to ghost kitchens for pickup and delivery without eat in dining rooms, and grocery stores that serve as pickup and delivery hubs but do not allow customers inside may follow suit. One of the most serious flaws in today’s online organic grocery ordering is that orders are frequently incorrect or come in unsustainable packaging. In the future, grocery stores will need to address these issues with innovative solutions, such as allowing customers to simply click on a recipe and have all of the ingredients delivered from the store.

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