Could we feed food for future population by following present agriculture method? Are you aware of technology in agriculture?

Yes! Definitely we can feed food for future population.

The existing technology will help in feeding the growing population.

So, what is Agritech?

It’s a combination of agriculture and technology, so by using technology different kinds of innovation in agri-field to increase the yield, quality, efficiency and profitability. Agritech uses present modern methods to enhance farming so it helps increasing agriculture economy for a more progressive feature. Agritech uses innovative methods in order to solve the challenges of agriculture sector. The methods like robots, big data, AI, etc with its help crops are modified to grow in any environment there’s faster planting and better harvesting.

Technology used in agritech

  • Smart farming: By using this we can analyze weather forecast, automated irrigation etc. smart farming is harnessing collected data, analytics and machine learning to help farmers make decision about what to grow and how to feed the planet in a sustainable way.
  • Drones and satellites: Drones and satellites plays vital role in agritech because by using this we can scan the crops and fields in order to measure and monitor, fighting crop diseases, pollination, planting seeds and food security is also serve by the drones.
  • Iot sensors: Agritech develops internet of things based software that can track and provide accurate information about the weather, humidity and current status of soil, so by using this resources are available instantaneously.
  • Block chain: Block chain connects farmers with end users directly so consumers can easily track where, when and how the produce originated, and block chain cuts the middle men.
  • Vertical farming: It involves the crop production using vertically stacked layers. By using LED lights to encourage photosynthesis, crop can be grown day and night.
  • Automation: It replaces the manual labor with the help of software and hardware solutions to increase speed and reduce the losses in quality. All these advancements have changed food and agriculture industry for good.

Rise of agritech startups in India

Farmers were unable to obtain inputs ahead of the harvest season due to the pandemic. Access to marketplaces and mandi’s was restricted due to the lockdown. The logistics and transportation systems had failed. All of this resulted in post-harvest losses, with the cost of unsold produce putting a strain on farmer finances. This was an opportunity for agritech firms to introduce their products to farmers. In the agritech field, there are about 450 Indian start-ups. Agritech startups in India raised $426 million between January and August this year, a 3x increase over the same period previous year.

Oyedesi pvt ltd

Among many agritech start ups, Oyedesi pvt ltd is one of the fastest growing startup in India, which is founded in 2021. Currently online grocery services are providing across Bangalore city. Oyedesi empowers rural women’s and farmers to practice organic farming using advance technology. It provides necessary resources to the cultivator and procures the farm fresh organic fruits, vegetables and groceries directly from farm land and provide express delivery to the consumers door step. Oyedesi educated farmers to grow chemical free non pesticide detoxifying products which contains more proteins, vitamins, nutrients. Consumers can buy their daily need groceries through online application and can get their daily fresh products delivering at their door step.

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